Blonde girl Maria Anohina, eagle tattoo, photography by Alisa Verner








© Amazing shoot by photographer Alisa Verner (

© Tattooed blonde girl: Maria Anohina


  1. Those photos are amazing! the model is beautiful and the photographer is a king!

  2. Im so happy your website is up and running.I found it by clicking the link of Face Pacilla’s pictures and autobiography.she is an incredibly beautiful woman and I am defiantly a big fan of hers.I Will be searching everywhere to find out more about her and course for some more pics.thank you so much Miss Pacillas,and tattooed girls magazine.

    Sincerely. Your biggest fan

  3. Maria Anohina……are you serious….your tattoo could possibly be the .oxy beautiful peice of artwork I have ever me I’ve been anxiously waiting for new post from these folks everyday since I discovered them some time ago.and I seriously can’t think of another tattoo that was that amazing.the way the beautiful vibrant colors flow down and wrap around,and continuing down your leg, made me have that funny little feeling in the pit of my stomach that you get when you’ve topped a big hill going fast and when you start back down the other side, and fight off the urge to say “wheeeeeeeeeee”…you know which one I mean.thats how I felt the first time I seen the photograph of you in the lacy white undies….and I have to give credit to the photographer.Alisa Verner,you are nothing shirt of a photographic genius.please,please keep up the awesome silk.I’m looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.thanks again guy for everything.

    Sincerely. Your biggest fan

  4. stunningly sexy!

  5. Nothing more amazing than a beautiful girl with an awesome tattoo…

  6. Luiz Angel Ahumada Rubio

    Fucking Lucky cat! jajajaja

  7. WOW! I AM GOING TO DREAM WELL FOR MANY NIGHTS TO COME. the brightness of the color and great artistic talent matches her perfectly. I can see why a photo shoot had to be done. I'm curious if she plans on getting more work done.

  8. Incredible curves…who für f*&k cares about the cat !? ..her boyfriend got it all !

  9. Incredible curves…who the f*&k cares about the cat! her boyfriend got it all!

  10. Let me due some tat on you i loking for somebody whants real ink and good work

  11. Its my dream to become a tattoo model!! These pics are awsome looks fun!! <3

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