Tattooed Girls

Tattoo model Michelle Payne

michelle payne tattoos

Cover photo above by Ashley Savage Michelle Payne Fanpage Shaun Colclough Ashley Savage Clare Foxcroft Williams Paddy Johnston Photography Photo by Paramnesia Shaun Colclough Photo by Paramnesia Clare Foxcroft Williams Paddy Johnston Photography Paddy Johnston Photography

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Tattooed girl ITA

tattoo model ITA 12

Her Facebook FanPage: ITA Cover photo: Paulina Sliwinska  Magda Zbrzezna Sebastian Woland Pietrzak Aleksandra Lewczynska Marta Chruscinska Robert Zembrzycki  Magda Zbrzezna  Magda Zbrzezna  Magda Zbrzezna Magda Zbrzezna  Magda Zbrzezna

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Tattoo model Victoria Bella-Morte

tattoo model Victoria Bella-Morte

Victoria “Murder” Bella-Morte. I’m British, short and sharp tongued. I am a Tattoo Artist to have my work, likeness, or appear as a Cover Model, published in, Inked Magazine, Tattoo Lifestyle Magazine, Elite Magazine, with many others in the works currently. I’ve modelled for Pure Imagination clothing, and walked runway for Toxic Vision. Canadian Metal radio hostess of 3 years ...

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Tattoo model Jeselyn

tattoo model jeselyn 3

Jeselyn is a heavily tattooed, internationally published, alternative fetish and pinup model from the US. She is the hostess and feature model for the 2013 Rhode Island Tattoo Expo Her website: Photographer: Dastardly Dave Photographer: Roy Varga Hair and Makeup: Cherry Dame Tiffany Ann Photography Dastardly Dave Photography Photographer: Tiffany Ann Hair, MUA & Styling: Project Riot Choker: Vengeance ...

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